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Welcome to the AFS IT Resources home page

Here you will find information on AFS’s new monthly updates to AFS Global and its surrounding tools, as well as online manuals which can be searched and viewed right here in your browser! There are also other resources such as pre-made reports for Crystal Reports and links to interactive learning content like video tutorials.

Not all of these areas contain information right now but it is being added very quickly so keep your eyes peeled for new resources and features!


AFS Monthly Release Notes

Here you’ll find all you need to know about new features in AFS Global and its surrounding tools.



(Note: For the older release notes from October 2008 to September 2009, please click here.)

IT User Manuals

Here you’ll find online copies of many of AFS’s user manuals for online tools such as Global Link, Crystal Reports and the Portals. These user manuals are being uploaded at the moment and they will be available one by one over the next few days and weeks so be sure to check back soon to see the which new manuals are available.

Video Tutorials 

This section of the site is dedicated to providing online video tutorials for commonly used tools. The page is currently being developed but soon you’ll be able to find tutorials on everything from how to create a support request in Notes and understanding the service case concept to outside using outside tools like Google Calendar or Skype.

Downloadable Content

Here you’ll find links to download useful files like pre made reports and documents on IT policies and procedures. Coming soon!!



The New IT Service Portal

This is a new product for AFS and unfortunately at the moment access is restricted. However, over the next few months it will slowly be opened to partner staff around the network as a place where you can log problems and track projects.